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09.12.14 - New Album, VANILLA LIGHTNING, coming soon.

New album, VANILLA LIGHTNING, will be releasing on Tuesday, November 18th, 2014. So excited about this record. Definitely the best to date. Be on the lookout for more information. Thanks. - RH

11.29.13 - Latest News

*This year has been great. Been writing a ton with other artists and now I am beginning to envision my next record which I may start in March or April of 2014.

*Had another new song placement on the CW's Hart of Dixie. They used my song 'Hell To Pay' off of my 2009 release, Wheatfire Collections. Here is that song - HELL TO PAY

*Some man over in Instanbul, Turkey made a great little animation video using my song 'Terrible Tommy' that was on FX's Sons of Anarchy. Here is that video - THE TRAVELER

*A song I co-wrote with a good friend up here in Nashville that she recorded was on the featured playlist on Delta Airlines for the month of August this year. She will be releasing the song sometime.

*Had a few cuts on some other records that released this year, so that is always fun.

*Lastly, you can pick up my Christmas album I recorded last year here - SILENT NIGHT (A Christmas EP)

11.20.12 - Christmas EP
Silent Night (A Christmas EP) by Ryan Horne is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and at many other locations. Check it out at the links below and spread it around to your friends and family. Happy Holidays.


If you would like, you can stream the entire EP here before buying.

Free Stream

Also still available for FREE is Ryan's last release, The Whistler & The Majestic, which will be available for another 2 weeks. Please enjoy and spread the word.


11.06.12 - FREE album on Noisetrade

Hello all

We are excited to announce that we will be giving away Ryan's latest release, THE WHISTLER & THE MAJESTIC for FREE on Noisetrade. It will be available for an entire month. We hope you all take advantage of this and please spread the word if you enjoy. Who doesn't like free music?

08.16.12 - Christmas EP

Hey all, I am happy to announce I will be headed into the studio once again with my producer/friend Mitch Dane in early September to start recording a Christmas EP. I have always wanted to make an album like this so I am really excited to build some beautiful sounds around some wonderful Christmas classics. Keep checking back for release dates and other news. Thanks. - RH

07.09.12 - The Life
Forgive us here at www.ryanhorne.com. I have played some shows in 2012 but not as many as usual and for that I apologize. My creative mind, my songs, and my craft have been much more focused on the writing side of music. I love writing songs. I am obsessed with creating the perfect song. Most days, when I am home, I am sitting at my workspace in Nashville writing with different artists and different genres (country artists, folk artists, blues artists, soul artists, pop artists, etc.) I have had two great placements in the last six months, one with Sons of Anarchy on FX & one with a television commercial. I promise I am trying to work on more tour dates and I know for a fact I will see New York, L.A., and a few other choice cities in the near future this year. Appreciate all the support over the years and promise all the music I put out will only get better. - RH

12.04.11 - Terrible Tommy - chord chart

C#m G#
I've been up and down in prison, I have lived inside this cell
F#m C#m
Surrounded by these demons and the fiery gates of hell
C#m G#
I blame my mother and my father for the man that I've become
F#m C#m
I was born into this family, I was born the devil's son
G# F#m G# C#m
No I aint gonna see my freedom until the day they lay me in the ground

A C#m A C#m
It's such a hard way to fall, such a hard, a hard way to fall
A C#m G# C#m
No I ain't gonna go to heaven, they have locked me in these walls
A G# C#m
It's such a hard way to fall

I got 20 years behind me, almost all that I can take
I've built up this rage and anger, filled my soul with void and hate
I got no hope left inside me, there ain't no joy left to give
Cause I am just an animal to all my prison friends
There ain't no good reason why I should still be alive today


BRIDGE - F#m, C#m, F#m, C#m, F#m, C#m, G#, G#7
Oooooooh, ooooooooh, ooooooooh, ooooooooh


12.01.11 - Sons of Anarchy
Hey all, as some of you may know, my song TERRIBLE TOMMY was featured on the show Sons of Anarchy this past Tuesday. It was fun for me to watch and I hope you enjoyed it. You can listen to the song here -


or buy it here -


Hope you all enjoy and spread the word if you do. Thanks.

10.25.11 - New album now available on iTunes, CDBABY, etc.

The new album, THE WHISTLER & THE MAJESTIC, is now available on iTunes, CDBABY, and Amazon. Please check it out, leave a review (good or bad), & tell a friend if you like it. Links are below.


If you would still like to stream the entire record before buying you can go here -


Thanks and we hope you enjoy the new record.

10.21.11 - New album, Youtube, live stream

New album releases in a few days - 10.25.11. Stream the entire album before buying it this Tuesday at the link below or head on over to the Youtube link below and listen to some of the new tracks. Excited to let you all hear it. Enjoy.



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My cover of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” that I recorded for a friends 50th Anniversary! Did I do okay with it @PaulSimonMusic ? https://youtu.be/TS2f8MNFkMU
Aug 30th

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Loved writing this with ya! You kill it! https://t.co/nqRRPCNt6z
Apr 18th

RT @jesseruben : Writing this with @nathanangelo and @ryanhornemusic was one of the best experiences I've had since this pandemic started. Picturing what life would be like, after this is over. Come for the song. Stay for Nathan's voice. It's """ https://t.co/J1eZyKQwRb
Apr 18th